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Meet our Team


Shelley Campbell - Owner/Agent

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Amanda Smith - Founding Sr Agent

I fell in love with Disney during a family trip in 2008. I have been to Walt Disney World, Disneyland Paris, and a member of Disney Vacation club. I have a passion for all things travel and love to explore new places and go back to the old ones. I love to help others create amazing memories.

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Megan Cross - Agent
Hi, my name is Megan I have been married for 10 years and we have a sweet pup named Duke. I am 2nd grade teacher, who is obsessed with everything Disney. I fell in love with Disney at a very young age, but did not truly become obsessed until 2017 when my family and I experienced Walt Disney World for the 1st time. I was hooked and I would love to help you discover the magic of Disney as well.

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Brenda Nichols - Sr Agent
I have traveled to Disney World over 30 times since 1981 and I am excited to help you plan your ideal vacation.!  I specialize in multi-generational, special needs, elderly travel and haunted tours.  I will assist in customizing your trip to your desired destination.  Explore new places and let the memories begin!  

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Andrew Tucker - Agent
Andrew has been an avid traveler throughout his adult life. His interests range from enjoying the relaxation of a cruise to capturing memories at a variety of amusement parks. He is delighted to help families maximize their vacation opportunities and create life changing memories.   With a diverse personal travel portfolio, Andrew seeks to create fun, exciting, and unique experiences to meet the needs of that encompass all groups of travelers to their dream destinations.

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Heather Brown - Agent
Hi, my name is Heather! I started traveling at a young age and never stopped.  I went to Disney World for the 1st time when I was 5 years old and fell in love with it. While I still love going to Disney I also love cruising with daily options of non-stop entertainment or even slower pace just watching the horizon and listening to the waves. I now have a husband and toddler who I love traveling with and learning all the tips and tricks of traveling with a young one.

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